Evangelism Training

I am very thankful to have experienced the ministry of Spread Truth. Their evangelism training resources for our day are unmatched as they lead into gospel conversations using the ultimate questions about which so many of us think:

How did it all begin?

What went wrong in our world?

Is there any hope?

What does the future hold?

Spread Truth’s evangelistic method known as The Story demonstrates the centrality of the person and work of Jesus Christ to the whole of the biblical narrative of redemption from the Creation to the Fall in the Rescue and at the Restoration.

If you are unfamiliar with Spread Truth and The Story method of sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ, let me invite you to click on the hyperlinks as well as to watch this video entitled, “Why The Story?”:

If you are part of a small group, ministry team, local church, etc. that has interest in receiving formal training in The Story method of evangelism, then please contact me at rex.j.howe@gmail.com. I have traveled to Spread Truth HQs in Bloomington-Normal, IL in order to receive official training as a The Story training facilitator, and I have served as a Cord Leader on their NYC trip. I’d thoroughly enjoy helping your group get equipped to share the good news about Jesus.

In Christ,


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