About Rex

I enjoy my family, local church life, golf, writing, reading, and tinkering in my garage. I am on a journey to know and serve Jesus. I want to be a life giver, like Jesus in the way the Holy Spirit intends for a Christian to be. My alma maters have guided my passions too: I want to train faithful servants for tomorrow—today, and I want to teach truth and love well. I completed studies at Tri-State Bible College in South Point, OH and Dallas Theological Seminary in Dallas, TX with an emphasis in New Testament Studies, and I am currently a post graduate research student at the University of Aberdeen in the School of Divinity, History, and Philosophy.

I’ve enjoyed the great privilege of serving the local Christian community in Minford, Ohio as a youth pastor at Fairview Missionary Baptist Church (2003-2007), in Dallas, Texas as an assistant pastor of youth and outreach (2007-2015), and in Lisbon, Illinois as senior pastor of West Lisbon Church (2015-2020).

At the present, I recently accepted an offer to return to my alma mater Tri-State Bible College and serve as the president of the College.

Eutheiai Triboi or in Greek Ευθειαι Τριβοι means “level paths” or “straight paths.” I borrowed the expression from both Isaiah 40:3 and Mark 1:3. Isaiah speaks of valleys that must be elevated and mountains that must be leveled so that all the earth may see the glory of the Lord when he comes. Mark quotes Isaiah concerning John the Baptist as “the one crying in the wilderness, ‘Prepare the way for the Lord, make his paths straight.'” I believe that Mark illustrates the purpose of John’s ministry as eliminating the “valleys and mountains” in people’s lives by calling for repentant hearts so that they could truly “see” the Lord Jesus when he arrived on the scene. Throughout Mark’s gospel, those who should see Jesus do not see him, but those whom we wouldn’t expect to see him, are actually the ones who do. I hope that this blog, Level Paths, will bring clarity to certain theological, biblical, church and life issues so that “valleys and mountains” are eliminated, and together, we are able to see God more clearly. I hope that this clarity will happen both as a result of my writing and as a result of our dialogue in the comment section(s) of the blog. Thanks for reading and commenting. May God’s favor shine on you today.

  1. #1 by Josh on August 21, 2009 - 1:37 am

    Hey brother! Nice site. Come visit us when you’re back in Scioto county.

    • #2 by rexhowe on December 5, 2009 - 5:54 pm


      Good to hear from you. I saw that you have a new blog on wordpress.


  2. #3 by Glenn Clayton on September 6, 2012 - 12:12 pm

    Just browsin’ around and found you here. It really is a nice site! Rex, I am glad that you and Aimee (and the little Princesses) are with us at Scofield.

    • #4 by rexhowe on September 7, 2012 - 12:24 am

      Thanks for stopping by Glenn! God’s blessing to you on your upcoming adventure!

  3. #5 by Brenda Asche on September 10, 2012 - 4:16 am

    R. J. (Rex),

    I very much enjoyed reading about the Dispensations……And if ever back in The BURG, stop in ~ Call FIRST!!! LOL

    Sometime later you and I may discuss homosexuality to a point and GOD’S punishment……IF you can remember back to 7th of 8th grade, my Broher was murdered in Columbus, Ohio from a what I think was a “love” triangle…..Anyway, it was September 30, 1995….AND following Josh would NOT go to school NOR football practice….Therefore, I had to call Todd Ruby and explain the situation and how Josh was feeling w/so many mixed feelings of love for an uncle, hate for an uncle, anger to an uncle, protection of an uncle (because he thought some of the guys at school would laugh about it…) Anyway, I will leave it there for this time….Because of how it makes me feel when I discuss it; as I “LOVED” my baby brother!!! DID NOT Agree with his life style, he knew it; but, prided himself in that no matter what, his sister STILL LOVED him!!! And, trust me, it leaves one’s heart very, very broken!!!

    NOW, on to our delima (sp?) of voting this coming November…..I have been a registered Democrat for all of my voting years from around the time I got my Social Security card along w/my driver’s license….. The only reason I suppose I registered as a Democrat was b/c my Papaw always told me the Democrats were in favor of the little man, or those who were NOT rich!!! And, the Republicans were for the wealthy and only cared for the wealthy class….PLUS, if we ever had a Republican President in office for 2 terms back to back our Nation would be in deep trouble!! However, I COULD NOT and WOULD NOT vote for whoever ran against Bush the last 4 years he was in office, can’t remember who that was at this time….(MAYBE an age thing!!! WHO knows!!! LOL) THEN along came Obama running for President…..MY decision re: NOT VOTING for him was: 1. He told he was a Christian; but, attended a church whose pastor “damned” The United States of America!!! 2. Then his wife was to have commented she had never respected America until “now”……WHY NOW??? Because her husband was nominated and running for the “highest” office of our land; OR, financial gain???? WHO KNOWS and WHO CARES was my opinion on that…..JUST the fact that she made the comment was enough for me!! 3. Obama’s disrespect to the American flag when it is flying WHEN one is to stand at attention in respect, whether or not ones hand is placed over ones heart. 4. Obama’s not wearing of an American Flat lapel pin. 5. Obama’s witholding of his birth certificate and the sealing of his school records. 6. Obama’s statement that he is a Christian; but, cancelled our National Day of Prayer on the White House lawn…..BUT at a later date he and his Muslim friends had a prayer vigil on the White House lawn with them taking their shoes OFF and then bowing down to pray on “Prayer Cloths” that looked like rectangular rugs of some kind….. 7. Obama’s selection of friends are from and associated with the “crooks” in Chicago….ONE Couple, Bill Ayers and his lady friend, maybe his wife, I would have to do more research again on such to be sure…..Anyway, AFTER Obama’s election there was a dinner at the White House and they showed up for the dinner BUT were NOT (at that time) on the guest list OR did not have an invitation…..BOTH this man and woman had done time in prison for an attempt to overthrow the American Government or something to that affect…AND there are OTHER friends of this nature that Obama and Michelle have. 8. Both Michelle and Obama have FORFEITED their law license….I read where she relinquished hers FIRST b/c of a possible law suit, then he followed for some reason, don’t remember….9. Obama NEVER does anything like standing at attention to our AMERICAN Flag nor did he ever wear a lapel pin UNTIL; AND, ONLY AFTER the American public COMPLAINED! You may want to check out other things as such….10. OOPS, I forgot to add that Obama DID SAY that he DID NOT know Bill Ayers and the lady; and, I think THAT was AFTER the fact of the dinner…..and I cannot remember if they were allowed to join the dinner; if my Memory serves me correctly he told someone it was OK for them to stay…..11. Later pictures were shown via internet and proof was written that the FACT IS: Obama DOES/DID KNOW THEM! 12. Sooooo as far as I’m concerned Obama talks out of BOTH sides of his mouth…. 13. IF one is a Christian, SAY SO!! But, IF you have studied much about the Muslim religion ONCE you are of their faith, I’m almost certain they will either “kill you” or at least You are on their “hit” list….I’ve also seen pictures of Obama, Michelle and their two daughters kneeling down in some kind of tribal clothing from his home country of Kenya as they are being BLESSED by the, I’m supposing, the holy man of the tribe there in that country….Sooooooooooooooo, THAT puts RED FLAGS up for me re: him being a MUSLIM or a CHRISTIAN…..IF you are a Muslim, SAY SO!!! BUT…..Obama has appeared to be in denial on MANY things when confronted…..Listen, RJ, I could go on and on about this; but, am having quite a bit of trouble w/my keyboard as I type this…..It seems to be leaving out many letters as I type, and I have to go back and correct so much plus add in spaces it misses….

    Financially, Obama has done much devastation to our nation re: bail outs and such…..Many of which have NOT been paid back to our country. CEO’s have even stated “I plead the fifth admentment” when it comes to answering in court WHERE THE MONEY WENT when it was not used to keep the business going…..Obama continues to print money and more money, which ONLY devalues our American Dollar even more!!! Obama is, in my opinion, like a child who has never had much then once they get money or access to it, the cannot stop going in debt for anything and everything….Michelle trips are either being sued or looked into by the (I think) the Treasury Department b/c she took sooooooooooo many people including family AND FRIENDS on vacation w/her and spent money that should NOT have been spent ~ AMERICAN Tax Payer money to say none the less! AND, I just read about that a week or so ago…..Obama has also over rode the Senate and the House making decisions that should; and, as far as I understand it, NOT have been allowed…..You’ll just have to do some research on such and a lot of it has been banned from the net I do believe. He even attempts to stop people from putting things on the net….MY OPINION is: IF he is re-elected he WILL STOP more things!!

    I’m sorry, I don’t have this broken down into paragraphs where I should as I’m kind of rambling here and gathering thoughts as they come to me….I have several friends from high school who are educators or have been to Viet Nam who I send and receive many pieces of political mail. Randy Parker, former teacher/principal of WHS; Dan Kaltenbach, former VIET NAM veteran; Roger Ackerman, top of our class, former Viet Nam veteran who went to language school, could speak FIVE different languages as he was a scout in Viet Nam for our military, he DID interpret for our military during the war. These guys are UP on IT!!!! And they believe O is NOT to be trusted and would like to see him impeached…..They believe he has gotten by with things that OTHER presidents would NOT get by with AND they cannot figure out WHY…..Also, there is a man who I went to high school with, retired military captain, who just told me that he WILL NOT vote for Obama b/c of top secret things he knows….I just saw him when we had our high school Alumni Banquet in July. AND my best friend, matron of honor for me when Gary and I got married, is married to an ex-Marine. He worked inside the Pentagon (retired then too) when 911 struck, he actually ran out through the smoke bringing his brief case with him; he now works for the Dept. of Defense. Both he and his wife are Christians and they are NOT voting for O b/c of top secret things he knows along with personal feelings re: Obama’s trustworthiness, things he has done while in the White House and BEFORE!! I know that every person I have mentioned here are professing Christians except for one; and, I will keep that information to myself….I may have typed too much here already….

    NOW as far as what I believe GOD would have me to do re: voting as a responsible Christian…..I cannot vote for people who uphold Homosexuality or Same SEX marriages; I believe it is WRONG!!! Also, I cannot vote for anyone who upholds abortion…..As far a Romney or anyone else is concerned I don’t think it is ANY of our business WHAT religion or denomination of faith one is so long as they DO NOT try to encourage or force our hand at such…To me that is where “separation of Church and State come in”…….BUT………………….IF YOU WILL think about it, we have had judges removed from their judgeship ALONG with the HEAVY monument plaque bearing The Ten Commandments that was erected in the court house. IF anyone speaks out against anything Muslim or any AMERICANS who are against whatever the immigrant wants or brings up WE CHRISTIANS have been over ruled b/c we are infringing upon THEIR rights!!! Ok, so now, I as a Christian AM OFFENDED re: the stance over abortion a saying you are a CHRISTIAN when I believe one is still practicing Muslim faith…..

    All I know is: IF this IS part of the “end of time” as we have known AND this is the beginning of WHEN GOD is going to announce to HIS SON, “SON, Go Bring My Children Home” at the sound of the Trump!!! THEN………………ALL that has happened is part of HIS great big plan to get the attention of HIS people to continually look UPWARD for HIS appearing…..Whooo Hoooooo……and if THIS is the case, and it’s HIS plan, then we cannot change it!!!! AND, if it’s HIS Plan, I don’t want to change it!!! (we most definitely KNOW that GOD has been talking to masses of people through: the drought in the mid-west; Tsunami in Japan; Earthquakes that are happening all OVER the world; Katrina, Isaac and other hurricanes followed by tornados) My, My, My!!!

    Also, I listened to a gentleman on here the other evening Rev. Williams. He had pastored a church in FLA and felt called to go to Alaska to minister on the Pipeline…the one for oil….He lived there AMONG the ELITE, as he called them. In the beginning the pipeline did not have need of a Chaplain, anyway, to make a long story short the ended up allowing him to stay and be among them….He ended up in a high classified meeting where he heard we have ENOUGH oil that our people would ONLY Have t o be paying approx. 60 cents a gallon for gasoline; BUT……the ELITE Hold it ALL at bay, supposedly they tell the President, House, Senate and all how to run things. I took 3 pages of notes, while listening; but, cannot find them right now ~ ALL very important!! See if you can pull it up! Listen for yourself, if you can find it….Also, G & I watched a shoe re: ISRAEL just yesterday where a man from China said he is a CHRISTIAN and believes in GOD!!! NOT Allah OR Budda BUT…….GOD!!!!! AMEN!! This was a man born in China……

    Ok, before I lose all of this writing, I’m going to send it on now…..I do pray you can make heads n tails out of it…..I’ve jumped around so…..LET me know IF you can find the talk by Rev. William…..IT is on YOU TUBE……I sent it on to others an can send it to YOU if I haven’t deleted it from my sent mailbox…

    BEST THING re: voting……..PRAY and ask GOD’S Guidance just like you did when YOU faced such an ordeal re: the life of your wife and/or twins….. I AM SO SORRY you both had to go through that, I didn’t know about it….Again, I am sorry….GOD came through for You then and HE will come through for You re: voting…….I KNOW the two things are far, far apart as to what really matters for you in life….

    I DO BELIEVE this election is very, very important for the future of our world and for AMERICA……

    LISTEN, I think you’ll hear that Obama is NOT for Israel, well that is until he finds out people are UPSET w/him about it….

    WE AMERICANS had better stand with ISRAEL!!!! Again,I’ve rambled and said a lot here AND there is more than what meets the eye w/Obama…..Also, I personally believe where they have built Mosques all over America…. I BELIEVE there are Muslims whether terrorists or NOT posted all over America to begin “the fight” IF need be……BEWARE……PRAY!! PRAY!! PRAY for our American People!!!

  4. #6 by D. Carter on September 10, 2012 - 1:35 pm

    God Bless you, Ms. Asche for your honestly and informative comments. I agree with you on the importance of voting in the upcoming election.

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