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The blue became a perp;

Just a man before work;

Eight minutes? Eight minutes!

“I can’t breathe . . .”

Blue, release that knee.

Have mercy.

Watching the aftermath,

Other blues scared to death;

A nervous wreck –

Gotta serve and protect –

Men and women with families

Standing, walking in solidarity;

Order, humility, modesty, civility

Blessings these are to humanity.

Blues, we need you;

We really, really do.

Protestors marching,

Walking, waving

Signs in procession

On a peaceful mission

Shadows of the dead

Reminding the Heads

Of State, we can’t wait . . .

No, we can’t wait;

We can’t breathe.

No more asphyxiation

Woe to our nation!

“In the dust of the streets,

Lie the young and the old”;

Both women and men have fallen

Pirates come a callin’

Reveling in the sadness

Opportunistic mercenaries

Highjacking tears

Destroying the years

Of work belonging to our neighbors

Anarchists and looters doin’ favors?

Pirates cheat and steal;

They do not a nation heal.

Spiral, spiral, will you stop?

Violence, anger, murder, threats,

Politicians hedge their bets;

“Election Day is coming soon!”

But can they heal so great a wound?

Dividing wall of hostility stands erect;

No mortal human can correct;


Nor Govs, POTUS, or Blues

Peace of another kind

Is required for such a time.

Our soul is sick; it’s evil;

We swim in hate, ‘cause the hate’s within.

Everyone wants to “win, win, win.”

The evil’s in us people.

All want justice; none can provide.

Ebbs and flows the election tide.

Peace and justice longs the heart

Before our union’s torn apart.

Look within we will, we must,

But all we’ll find is creation’s dust.

Upward must the gaze now look

To the one on himself he took

Debts and sins and iniquities

Canceling them out upon the tree.

Reconciling not only to deity

But also wide to humanity

Peace vertical

Peace horizontal

Cross-shaped peace for you and me

Tears down walls of hostility

Common ground establishing

Where sinners free come gathering;

A new Spirit we need and can receive,

If part of this new humanity you choose to be.

He implants peace within the dust;

Spirit and Word within remakes us.

O Revival! How long must we wait?!

O America! I pray it’s not too late.

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