Response to Marc5Solas on Top 10 Reasons Our Kids Leave Church—9. They Never Attended Church To Begin With

9. They Never Attended Church To Begin With

Again, I love this quote from the author,

From a Noah’s Ark themed nursery, to jumbotron summer-campish kids church, to pizza parties and rock concerts, many evangelical youth have been coddled in a not-quite-church, but not-quite-world hothouse. They’ve never sat on a pew between a set of new parents with a fussy baby and a senior citizen on an oxygen tank.

He’s right. When I hired our Senior High Director (J. Ryan Bowen) back in 2008, one of the things we knew needed to change, in light of the gospel and in light of the biblical teaching about the Church, was the experience of our young people in the larger local church life and worship.

We inherited a youth ministry that was not always mindful that the local church is an expression of one church body, young and old, infants and mature ones in the faith, worshiping, believing, and serving God together. Sure, there is a place for specialized discipleship, but there is a far superior place for corporate discipleship and worship. We have taken steps and maintained them in order to push our teens out into the larger local body at Scofield – several teens now participate in the worship service; many attend the Scofield Church Prayer Meeting; one of our seniors recently led an adult evangelism team during our Easter Evangelism Outreach. Youth are encouraged to take our local church’s membership class. We don’t meet separately when there are special church-wide activities – we do this on purpose. We gave up our Sunday morning time in the Amphitheater (i.e., one of our meeting rooms) so that El Buen Pastor (a Latino congregation that shares the building) could continue to worship in that space on Sunday mornings without too much disruption, and in order to help the whole church embrace the Scofield Church Prayer Meeting, we moved to a Sunday Night meeting – the embrace of temporary inconvenience for the sake and health of the whole body.

These purposeful decisions on behalf of our student ministry leadership are good. As I was assessing this particular area of the student ministry recently, our Senior Pastor, Jeff VanGoethem, said to me,

I think you have done a great job in not having a big separation, I think our kids feel part of the larger church, etc.

I sense that we are moving toward this – especially for the student who is a consistent attender or member of Scofield. However, we have more work to do as we prepare students for the adult life in the local church when they fully and finally leave youth group. For example, our student participation in the Prayer Meeting is lower than I would like. Prayer Meeting, I think, is sort of viewed as something for the adults to do. Not so. It is something for Scofield Christians to do – young and old praying together in worship and for one another. I believe a stronger embrace of this by our teens and their parents will immensely help the students when they go away to college or away for a career and find themselves as young adults in the church, who cannot go back into youth group, but who must move forward into fellowship, prayer, service, worship, and evangelism with adults.

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