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Quoting Bonhoeffer #3

But Bonhoeffer was no mere academic. For him, ideas and beliefs were nothing if they did not relate to the world of reality outside one’s mind. Indeed, his thoughts on the nature of the church would lead him into the ecumenical movement in Europe, causing him to link hands with Christians outside Germany, and therefore to see instantly the lie at the heart of the so-called orders of creation theology, which linked the idea of the church with the German Volk. This idea of a church defined by racial identity and blood – which the Nazis would violently push and so many Germans tragically embrace – was anathema to the idea of the universal church. So it was on this Palm Sunday in Rome that Bonhoeffer’s course was set in motion. Ideas had consequences, and this idea, now just budding, would flower in his opposition to the National Socialists and bear fruit in his involvement in the conspiracy to kill a human being [Metaxas in Bonhoeffer, 53-4].

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