Provoking Christians to Loyalty

While continuing some wonderful reading this morning, I was seized by a thought. The significance of “faith” cannot be ignored as one reads through Romans 4:1-5:5. An appropriate question for interpretation in such a faith-rich text is “What is faith?” My own personal study has led me to believe that faith in the OT and NT is best described by the word “loyalty.” Such a description best prepares the Christian to interpret and understand the relationship between faith & works.
I am also reading volume one of Iain H. Murphy’s biography on D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones. As a youth living in the Welsh city of Llangeitho, Lloyd- Jones recalls the churches in town to have large congregations and strong tradition but void of the glory of God.
This caused me to pause and consider the Church in my day and in my contexts. Consider with me. Does the current generation “need” doubt as part of their seeking God in faith? That is, is it becoming more and more necessary to cause a congregation(s) to question itself with a message – say – on how the glory departed from Israel in Ezekiel’s day because the people’s loyalty turned from YHWH to other gods and other things? Are we living in a day when our local churches need provoked about the genuineness of their loyalty to God in Jesus Christ? I think the answer is a resounding, “Yes.”

In Christ,

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