Show and Tell in Textual Criticism Class at DTS

Today in my New Testament Textual Criticism class at Dallas Theological Seminary, I had the opportunity to view not only a few significant manuscript facsimiles but also an actual manuscript (GA 2882), courtesy of the Center for the Study of New Testament Manuscripts ( Check out the photos below and enjoy! Big thanks to DTS and to CSNTM. It was a pleasure to look at these documents!

This is the Prolegomena to the Vaticanus facsimile, signed by Pope John Paul II.

This is the cover of a facsimile of Codex Vaticanus. It belongs to DTS.

Inside the Codex Vaticanus facsimile. Note the hole in the left hand page. The creators of the facsimile matched the original exactly!

Another shot inside the Codex Vaticanus facsimile.

This is the end of the Gospel of Mark in Codex Vaticanus.

Note where Mark's Gospel ends in Vaticanus—Mark 16:8.

Inside the DTS Sinaiticus facsimile

Another look inside the Sinaiticus facsimile

A look inside a real New Testament manuscript—GA 2882—owned by the Center for the Study of New Testament Manuscripts. The manuscript contains the Gospel of Luke. I wanted to know if the prayer of Jesus from the cross in Luke 23:34 was present—it is!

A closer look inside GA 2882

Volumes of Novum Testamentum

Inside Novum Testamentum at Luke 23:34

The cover of one of the Novum Testamentum volumes

Biblia Complutensis


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