Life As A Student

From a journal entry on January 30th, 2009:

Do everything without grumbling or arguing… (Philippians 2:14)

While drinking my Starbucks this morning, I came to a conclusion: I love being a student of the word of God.  I love getting to learn Hebrew and Greek so that I am better able to understand what it is that God has communicated to us.  It excites me to see something new in the text about God or about God’s activity in history or in the spiritual life that I had never before discovered.  It thrills me to recognize grammatical patterns in the text.  I even get a high from digging through Wallace’s 33 various genitive categories!  O.k., this might be going too far.  But in all seriousness… What a joy!  What a privilege!
Then why is it that sometimes I find myself moaning and groaning about assignments, reading, parsing, vocabulary, etc.?  I am pretty certain that it is because sin still remains in me and is resistant to the transformation brought about by the Spirit working through the word of God in order to make me into a shining luminary in this present generation.  Laziness, procrastination and an onslaught of other things are found in the “tool-box” of the flesh and are used to sabotage spiritual formation.  I pray for myself and my fellow students at DTS that God would save us from the wake of grumbling and arguing that follows the path of the flesh so that we may be people whose hearts burn for the word of God.

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